Opel Astra GTC - Overview


Sophisticated, desirable & dynamite.

The Opel Astra GTC combines urban chic with a desirably sporting interior and real driving satisfaction. Cutting edge engine and suspension technology delivers the performance to really move you, while in-depth safety adds extra confidence to every journey.


Great looking, compact and surprisingly practical, the Opel Astra GTC is the grown-up sports coupe. Check out what makes it so special.

  • Sophisticated design
  • Dynamite to drive
  • Seductive comfort
  • Long legged performance
  • Impressive safety


Dynamic looks, sporting style

Avantgarde design is easy to recognize but almost impossible to define. So have a closer look at the Opel Astra GTC. Lines that redefine the elegance of compact coupes, a broad powerful stance and distinctive Opel design elements, make it both head turning and efficient.


Rediscover the joy of driving

Technology that works to make every drive easier, more enjoyable and ultimately satisfying is engineered into the Opel Astra GTC. City traffic, country roads or highway – you’ll find it inspires real passion. That’s because our engineers love driving too.


Pace with space

Supportive, fine driver ergonomics, high quality materials and capacious luggage and personal storage space blend into an ambience that fully deserves the title GTC. But of course there are always the really personal touches from Opel that make your Astra GTC extra special.


Fit for fun

Opel Astra GTC's highly efficient petrol and diesel engines with up to 143 kW (195 hp) deliver the performance to match the dynamic style.


Secure, relaxing and reassuring

Performance means more than just dynamic handling and satisfying power, it extends to the active and passive safety package that adds even more driving pleasure to the Opel Astra GTC experience. Also, if you want to protect it, there is an excellent purpose designed anti-theft system.