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Redefining SPACE, Comfort and Convenience.

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer combines high quality materials with the most refined ergonomics and technologies to deliver deep and lasting all-round comfort for driver and passengers.


Ergonomic sports seat

No matter how or how far you drive, seat comfort is a vital necessity. The driver ergonomic sports seat adjusts 8 ways with 4-way pneumatic lumbar support to suit your posture perfectly. Also, the adjustable seat extension cushion delivers relaxing leg support. At the top end perforated leather in black and beige, with heating and ventilation, fingertip electric operation and memory bring the Opel Insignia Country Tourer into the highest luxury category, but the manually adjustable cloth covered version provides the same level of orthopedic support.


The ergonomic sports seat is approved and recommended by AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.), a German medical association that has set orthopedic requirements for car seats.


HVAC & Heated leather steering wheel

Heated steering wheel? Heated or ventilated seats? You’ll find the controls all sensibly grouped together, right by the air conditioning and demisters. The dual-zone Electronic Climate Control features capacitive touchscreens for easy, intuitive control, adding extra convenience for driver and co-driver. That means maximized comfort, whether you want warmth for the cold mornings, or cool air for sticky summer afternoons.


Advanced Park Pilot

Using front and rear sensors the Advanced Park Pilot can detect a suitable parking space and then using visual instructions displayed on the central display guides you into it. Push-button activated, it is computer controlled and also senses obstacles. Both written and visual graphics indicate the steering angles and direction. The result is perfect parallel parking, even in confined spaces.


Electric parking brake

The touch-operated electric parking brake on the Opel Insignia Country Tourer offers both increased parking security and decreased driver effort. Also in combination with Hill Start Assist which prevents the car rolling backwards when stopped on a hill, it gets you moving smoothly and effortlessly for increased comfort and safety.


Open & Start

The keyless system of the Opel Insignia Country Tourer boosts comfort in day-to-day operation and affords effective protection against theft. Open & Start recognizes the driver's User Identification Unit (UID) via antennas in the front door handles and the bumper. It unlocks all doors if the button of any door handle is pushed. For keyless Start/Stop, the UID is recognized by antennas inside the car. There is no conventional ignition lock, the steering wheel is electronically locked and unlocked. The engine is started and switched off without the need for a key, using START/STOP button. If necessary, the driver's door can also be opened manually using the integrated flap key in the UID.


Smart storage solutions

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer puts convenient pockets and compartments within easy reach of the driver and passengers. There are seat back map pockets, door pockets, a driver’s storage bin, cup holders front and rear, a large glove box, and a center rear armrest storage space. You want to use your computer or another electronic device? A special option is the 230 V power outlet in the floor console.

Flexible load space

The deep-opening rear tailgate and low load height means that the Opel Insignia Country Tourer is convenient and easy to load. It is also simple and light to configure. In a few seconds the 60:40 split rear seats feature load through and fold without dismounting of the headrests. This results into an impressive maximum load volume of 1,530 l.


Even with the rear seats occupied, 540 l unobstructed volume ensures there is enough luggage space for business, leisure or family. To protect both the cargo and the interior there are four lashing eyes.


A useful feature that makes life easier with the Insignia Country Tourer is the optional FlexFloor. Pull it out to load, slide it effortlessly back, pull out to unload. Simple. No more potentially painful contortions with heavy or awkward items or luggage.

FlexOrganizer® system

This modular system consists of various transport and storage elements, offering maximum flexibility and versatility.


The basis of the FlexOrganizer® system are rails fitted as standard in the side walls of the luggage compartment. To these can be attached a variety of partitioning elements, storage boxes, nets, hooks, and other components that can be used to configure the load compartment to meet individual requirements.


The picture shows the service box, the adjustable fixation strips and the side wall net. The metal dog grid to separate your pet from the cargo area is an additional accessory for the load compartment of the Opel Insignia Country Tourer.

Power tailgate

The optional powered tailgate automatically opens and closes, driven by a hydraulic pump. This can be activated by the outside handle switch to open it or by pushing the shut face switch to close. It can also be controlled from the key or from a switch in the driver’s door. Additionally it can also be manually opened and closed.


The electronic control allows pre-programming to avoid hitting the garage ceiling or stopping the tailgate in any position by pressing a switch.