• Opel Inisgnia Country Tourer - Static Cornering Light

    Static Cornering Light

    Throws light 90° to the left or right so you can see better what’s around the corner.

    Opel Insignia Country Tourer - Dynamic Curve Light

    Dynamic Curve Light

    The headlights turn into the curve by up to 15°. Activated by steering angle and speed.

    Opel Insignia Country Tourer - High Beam with Assist (HBA)

    High Beam with Assist

    HBA automatically dips your headlights when it detects other vehicles ahead and switches back to high beam when the road is clear.

    Opel Inisgnia Country Tourer - Adverse Weather Light

    Adverse Weather Light

    Activated by wipers or a rain sensor, this setting improves vision in wet weather.

  • Opel Inisgnia Country Tourer - Highway Light

    Highway Light

    Raises, brightens and extends the beam to 140 metres – without blinding other drivers.

    Opel Inisgnia Country Tourer - Country Road Light

    Country Road Light

    Wider and brighter than normal, for a 70-metre dazzle-free beam.

    Opel Inisgnia Country Tourer - Town Light

    Town Light

    Spreads the light wider and lower. Activated by vehicle speed and street lighting.

    Opel Inisgnia Country Tourer - Pedestrian Area Light

    Pedestrian Area Light

    Highlights potential hazards with a wider spread of light (an extra 8° left and right).


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Why take chances? The latest generation of driver assist systems in the new Opel Insignia Country Tourer give a whole new and real meaning to carefree motoring.

Opel Insignia Country Tourer - Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+)

Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+)

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer is available with Adaptive Forward Lighting – one of the most advanced headlight systems in the mid segment.


The movable elements in the sleek bi-xenon headlights automatically adjust themselves to different conditions, ensuring safer and more relaxed driving. Various adaptive light functions make the best of every situation, improving road illumination by up to 90% versus fixed headlamps - without dazzling other drivers.


AFL+ greatly enhances visibility through curves and sharp bends, making night driving significantly safer. And much more relaxing.

Opel Insignia Country Tourer - Opel Eye Traffic Sign Assistant & Lane Departure Warning

Opel Eye: Traffic Sign Assistant, Lane Departure Warning and Following Distance Indication/Forward Collision Alert

The Opel Eye in Opel Insignia Country Tourer is a camera system with four functions: It reads and remembers speed limit, connected auxiliary symbols, “no overtaking” signs, city limits etc. and displays them. The system also gives the driver advanced warning of unintentional departure from traffic lanes, constantly indicates the distance to the vehicle ahead and alerts the driver if a collision is imminent.


Opel Insignia Country Tourer's Traffic Sign Assistant (TSA) system keeps the driver informed in real time about traffic restrictions – and lets him know if they are still valid. The camera recognizes speed limits or “no-overtaking” signs, immediately displays them, and also signals the end of the restrictions.


The camera also observes the lane marking lines for the Lane Departure Warning (LDW), which is instantly activated when the car crosses a line without signaling. An audible warning and a sign in the instrument warn the driver immediately.


Following Distance Indication (FDI) constantly shows the distance to the leading vehicle in the instrument panel, helping to avoid tailgating tickets. Forward Collision Alert (FCA) is active when the car is moving faster than 40 km/h and gives visual and audible warning when a collision is likely.


Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

A radar sensor maintains your cruise speed and the chosen gap to the car in front using throttle and brakes. The following distance to the preceding vehicle can be adjusted via steering wheel control. A green vehicle ahead telltale illuminates if the radar sensor detects a preceding in-path vehicle. If you approach the preceding car too fast, the system triggers visual and audible warnings and applies the brakes, when it is fitted with automatic transmission bringing the car to a total stop if necessary. That means control over full speed range.


Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA)

You can’t have eyes everywhere, so the Insignia Country Tourer has radar-based Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA). This constantly monitors the crucial 3.5 meters wide "blind spot" on both sides of the vehicle reaching back approx. 5 meters behind the outside mirrors. When it senses danger, a LED symbol will light up in the respective outside mirror.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

If you ever need to reverse into traffic you’ll know just how useful the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) can be. It uses radar to pick up vehicles that you cannot see when backing out at a distance of up to 20 meters at 90° left or right behind the vehicle. Then it shows a warning signal on the rear view camera display screen, plus an audio warning sounds from the respective side.


Lane Change Alert (LCA)

Traffic fast approaching from the rear in any situation, but especially when pulling out to overtake, can be dangerous. Radar with a range of approximately 70 meters warns you with a flashing symbol in the respective outside mirror of rapidly approaching vehicles in parallel lanes.