Opel Insignia Country Tourer - Safety

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ActiveLY and passiveLY superior.

As the technology that delivers road safety improves it becomes easier to live with. The Insignia Country Tourer stands right at the forefront of this technology.


Passive Safety

The Opel Insignia Country Tourer is not only equipped with state-of-the-art active safety systems, but also protects its occupants with exemplary passive safety technology. High tensile steels, rigidity, deformability, strategically placed crash boxes and impact load paths all work together to ensure that the Opel Insignia Country Tourer offers one of the strongest safety structures on the market. Inside it the front airbags are dual powered to avoid injuries caused by too rapid inflation, and the passenger airbag can be switch deactivated. The side airbags guard against side impact and intrusion. In addition to the full-length curtain airbags, rear side airbags are also optionally available.


This attention to detail and all-round protection has earned the Insignia Country Tourer the top NCAP 5-star rating.


Further Insignia Country Tourer passive safety features include:

  • Double seat belt pretensioners on the front seats for increased protection
  • Pedal Release System helping avoid foot and leg injuries
  • Active headrests front to guard against whiplash and neck injuries
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for each individual wheel