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Every new technology brings also new challenges for the user. Although the IntelliLink System of the new Insignia is highly self-explanatory and intuitive to operate, there may remain questions about how to exploit the full potential of all features. Here are most of the questions you might have.


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1. Audio

How can I change the audio source, e.g. from FM radio to USB?

By pressing the RADIO button you can toggle through all available radio sources. By pressing the MEDIA button you can toggle through all available media sources. Hint: Alternatively you can swipe two fingers up/down the touch pad.

How can I search for a specific radio station or media title?

Select the corresponding audio source. Then tap the „Browse“ button on the main audio screen in order to search for a specific radio station or media title. Hint: Alternatively you can tap the center of the main audio screen or turn the menu knob.

Why can’t I access my playlists or albums whenever I connect a device (e.g. smartphone) via Bluetooth®? It works whenever I connect the same device via USB.

Via Bluetooth® playback you can listen to music, but you cannot access metadata, such as titles, albums or playlists. To use this feature please connect your device via USB.

Why is the song title not displayed on the screen when listening to music via Bluetooth® (BT) e. g. from my smartphone?

In order to display metadata, such as artist and title on the infotainment screen when streaming music via Bluetooth®, your device must support BT standard AVRCP 1.3 (or higher).

Why can’t I hear any music when connected to an external audio device (e.g. via USB, iPod, SD)?

After connecting with an external audio device, switch to the respective source by pressing the MEDIA button. Depending on the number of files stored on your external device, the indexing can take several seconds.

How can I browse my connected device’s folders, e. g. my USB flash drive?

On devices connected via USB or SD, music can be browsed with the browse function. A folder view is not available.

How many mp3 files does the infotainment system support?

The infotainment system supports 10.000 songs.

Where can I select radio station?

In order to select a radio station tap the „Browse“ button on the main audio screen.

How can I switch on/off the TP (Traffic Program)?

The TP can be switched on/off through the audio menu. On the main audio screen tap the “Menu” button on the lower right.

Where can I find the auto store function?

The auto store function is replaced by the browse function, which allows you to select available radio station from a station list.

How can I adjust the tone settings?

You can adjust the tone settings in the audio menu. On the main audio screen tap the „Menu” button on the lower right. If adjusted, the tone settings will be applied to all source modes. Hint: To quickly switch between tone settings you may store them as favourites.

Why can’t I select my connected USB device with the steering wheel controls or the control panel?

Please make sure that your connected USB device has a device name (e. g. „my USB flash drive“).

2. Navigation

After entering a destination address via touch screen, e.g. a foreign address, an error message is shown. What am I doing wrong?

For full address entry the navigation system expects a certain input order. For German speaking regions type in the street name first, followed by the house number and the city/town (e. g. Tunnelstr. 7, Frankfurt)“. Add the country name last if a foreign destination has been entered. Depending on the country in which the entered address is located a different input order might be required. For a detailed description please refer to the infotainment system manual.

Why does the navigation system not suggest possible destinations when entering an address? I have to type in the complete address.

When entering a destination the auto completion feature only suggests previously used addresses. New destinations do not require the complete entry of the address. Instead of „Rugbyring Rüsselsheim“you can enter „Rugby Rüssels“. Optionally you can just enter a town/city, a street name or an intersection.

Why can’t I start route guidance from an address on my smartphone when connected via Bluetooth®?

In some cases the infotainment system may not be able to read contact information. Please check whether your contact’s address information is entered correctly. Hint: Try and limit the contact’s address information to town/city, street name and house number, and delete the postcode.

How can I cancel an active route guidance?

You can cancel an active route guidance in the navigation menu. On the route map tap the „Menu“ button in the lower right of the screen. Hint: You can continue guidance for canceled routes the same way.

How can I see which street I am on?

Tap your vehicle position on the navigation map. A screen with information on your current location will appear.

How can I toggle between the time of arrival, the remaining distance and the remaining travel time displayed during active route guidance?

To toggle between time of arrival, remaining distance and remaining travel time, tap the time/distance information on the navigation map.

Why does the navigation system not recognize a destination city when entered via speech recognition?

When entering an address via speech recognition the town/city hast to be followed by the street name, optionally followed by the house number, e. g. “Frankfurt, Tunnelstraße 7“.

How can I search points of interest (POI) which are not located in my area?

You can search points of interest in your area, in other areas, and along your route during active route guidance. To change the search options go to the list of POI, then tap the „Search Nearby“ button located on the upper right side of the screen and select the desired search option. The standard setting is to search in your area and, during active route guidance to search, along your route.

How can I hear a navigation voice prompt again during active route guidance?

For detailed information on upcoming navigation maneuvers and to replay the last voice prompt, tap the maneuver arrow on the navigation map.

Is there a logbook function?


Can I save points of interest and addresses?

Yes, like many other elements, points of interest and addresses can be saved as favourites.

3. Phone

How can I connect my smartphone with the infotainment system via Bluetooth® (BT)?

In order to connect your smartphone with the infotainment system via BT tap the “PHONE” button on the home screen followed by the “Pair Device” button. Make sure that BT is activated on your phone.

Why is my smartphone not connecting with the infotainment system via Bluetooth® (BT)?

Make sure that BT is enabled and your phone is visible. Check whether your phone is compatible with the infotainment system at: http://prod-www-seg2.gmds.plusline.net/content/opel/europe/master/hq/en/index/vehicles/opel-range/cars/new-insignia-4-door/index.html

Why do my smartphone’s contact list and calls list appear empty on the infotainment screen when connected via Bluetooth® (BT)?

In order to access your contact list your smartphone has to support the PBAP (Phone Book Access Profile) Bluetooth® protocol. On some phones access permissions for contact and calls lists may have to be set when connecting with the infotainment system. Make sure that your phone’s access settings are correct. Please note that contacts stored on a SIM card cannot be displayed. Depending on the size of your contact list loading the contacts into the infotainment system can take several minutes. Should the problem remain try updating your smartphone software.

Can I sort my smartphone’s contacts by first name and surname on the infotainment system?

The infotainment system uses your smartphone settings to display your contacts.

Why does a music title, selected through the speech recognition of my smartphone (e.g. Siri), not play although my phone is connected via Bluetooth® (BT)?

Make sure BT audio is selected as your active audio source. You can select BT audio by pressing the MEDIA button.

How can I use my smartphone’s voice recognition (e.g. Siri) through the infotainment system when connected via Bluetooth®?

Tap the smartphone symbol on your home screen. Now you can use your smartphone’s voice recognition.

Why can’t I see all phone numbers assigned to a contact in my smartphone on the infotainment screen although my smartphone is connected via Bluetooth® (BT)?

A contact in your contact list can be assigned several phone numbers, e. g. „private“, „work“ etc. Please make sure that contacts in your contact list are assigned one additional phone number per category only, marked as „other“, “alternative” or similar.

Does my Bluetooth® connected smartphone use the vehicle antenna for phone calls?

Phone calls are placed through the antenna of your smartphone. SAP (sim access profile) is not supported.

4. Touch screen

How can I improve the touch screen's performance?

The touch screen is pressure sensitive. Especially when performing drag gestures, e. g. browsing through your favourites, try to apply more pressure with your fingers.

I have difficulties reading the display – it’s too bright in darkness and too dim in daylight. How can I improve the display’s readability?

In order to improve the displays readability you can switch between night mode, day mode and auto mode by tapping the „SETTINGS“ button on the Home screen. From the settings menu, select “Display”. Hint: For best results select the auto mode.

Does the touch screen support multi-finger gestures like the touch pad?

No, unlike the touch pad, the touch screen supports single-finger gestures only.

5. Touch pad

How can I improve finger-gesture detection on the touch pad?

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the touch pad. Move your fingers slowly and evenly across the touch pad.

How can I select an element on the display with the touch pad?

After positioning the pointer on the desired element with the touch pad, press the touch pad down until it clicks. Tapping the touch pad does not trigger an action.

Why can’t I select some of the elements on the display with the touch pad pointer?

Some elements, such as the keyboard for entering route guidance destinations or the number block for dialing phone numbers, cannot be selected through the touch pad. In both cases you should use the touchpad’s handwriting recognition.

How can I change the direction of movement when scrolling through lists or moving through the navigation map via multi-finger gestures on the touch pad?

Select the „SETTINGS” button on the Home screen and then select „Touchpad“ from the settings menu. Here you can invert the direction of movement between up/down and left/right.

How can I increase the touch pad's handwriting recognition performance?

Draw uppercase letters only and try out different drawing speed settings. You may access this setting from the character recognition screen by selecting the settings symbol followed by the „Draw Speed” button.

How can I select one of the other suggested characters on the display when writing in handwriting character recognition mode?

If the character you have written is not recognized properly, you can look for the correct one in the alternatives selection list. You can browse through alternatives by using a two-finger movement up or down. Changes are automatically applied when you start to write the next character. You do not have to confirm your selection.

Why do I receive an error message after selecting the handwriting recognition button through the touch pad?

The touch pad‘s handwriting recognition can only be used when entering characters is possible, e.g. the entry of route guidance destinations or the number pad for dialing phone numbers. Additionally you can use the handwriting recognition in alphabetically sorted lists to skip directly to the desired letter.

I have entered an address via touch pad. How can I start route guidance to this address?

After entering an address, stay in character selection mode and press down the touch pad with two fingers. The address search will start. Hint: You do not have to enter the complete address.

Which multi-finger gestures can the touch pad recognize?

The touch pad can recognize the following multi-finger gestures:


The touch pad supports the following 3-finger-gestures:

  • Vertical 3-finger swipe: Show/hide the favourites list (1)
  • Horizontal 3-finger swipe: Page backwards/forwards, page through favourites list (2)


The touch pad supports the following 2-finger-gestures:

  • In main menu:

– Vertical 2-finger swipe: Page backwards/forwards (3)

  • In lists:

– Vertical 2-finger swipe: Scroll up/down list (4)

  • In navigation map:

– Vertical/horizontal 2-finger swipe: Move map (5)

– Enlarging/reducing 2-ginger gesture: Zoom in/out of map (6)

  •   In audio menu:

– Horizontal 2-finger swipe: Skip to next/last song/radio channel (7)

– Vertical 2-finger-swipe: Change radio/media source (8)

How can I improve multi-finger gesture detection?

Try to place your fingers on the touch pad at the same time and perform the gesture. Placing your fingers on the touch pad time-displaced, e.g. forefinger followed by the middle finger, can impair the recognition of multi-finger gestures.

6. Speech recognition

The speech recognition doesn’t always recognize my commands. How can I improve the speech recognition’s performance?

Try to speak naturally, not too fast or too loud. After pressing the speech recognition button wait for the beep tone and speak afterwards.

How can I interrupt a voice prompt during active speech recognition and say a command without having to wait until the voice prompt has ended?

You can interrupt voice prompts anytime by pressing the speech recognition button on the steering wheel controls. Please wait for the beep tone and speak afterwards.

Why can’t I select music titles from my smartphone via speech recognition when connected via Bluetooth® (BT)?

The selection of music titles via speech recognition only works when your external media source (in this case your smartphone) is connected with the infotainment system via USB. You can however select media titles through the speech recognition of your smartphone (e.g. Siri). Please select BT-Audio as media source.

Why does the speech recognition not understand my destination address command?

In order to enter destination addresses via speech recognition a country-dependent entry order is required. For German language settings: city, street name, and where applicable a house number. For further information please refer to the infotainment system manual.

7. Instrument panel

How can I change the number of info pages shown on the instrument panel display?

You can select and unselect individual info pages through the steering wheel controls. Please use the left arrow button on the steering wheel control panel to switch to „Settings“ and select „Info Pages“.

8. Favourites

What can be stored as a favourite?

Almost all elements can be stored as favourites, e.g. destinations, phone contacts, playlists, radio stations, etc. Should you not be able to store an element a message will appear.

The favourites list has disappeared. How can I recall it?

In certain menus the favourites list is hidden to allow more space. You can unhide the favourites list anytime by tapping the arrow buttons on the bottom right of the screen or by pulling up the interaction bar with a finger gesture. Alternatively you can use the touch pad (3-finger-swipe gesture upwards). Hint: You can hide the favourites again with the touch screen or the touch pad.

How can I store a new favourite?

Activate the respective application, e.g. radio station list or phone contacts list, and tap and hold the desired element to store a new favourite in this location. A short beep sound confirms storing. In some cases it is additionally required to select a specific item, e.g. a music title, an album or an address from your recent destinations.

How can I rename, delete or move my favourites?

Favourites can be renamed, deleted or moved by switching to the „SETTINGS“ screen, then selecting „Radio Settings“followed by the „Manage Favourites“ button.

9. Video

How can I play videos from an external device, e. g. my USB flash drive?

Connect your device containing the videos with the infotainment system via USB or SD slot. Switch to the corresponding audio source by pressing MEDIA and tap the „Browse“ button. Then tap the „More“ button on the interaction bar on the bottom right and select the desired video. Please note that videos will only play when the parking break is applied.

Why is there no image when playing videos? I can hear the audio.

Please make sure the parking brake is applied.

10. Other

Can I change the home screen, e. g. re-arrange the order and position of the displayed applications?

In order to re-arrange the home screen press and hold down one of the displayed application symbols until the home screen switches into editing mode. In editing mode you can re-arrange symbols on one page or between pages by dragging an application symbol to the desired position with your finger. In order to exit the editing mode press „BACK“.

Can the system time be set automatically?

The system time can be configured to set itself automatically. Please switch to „SETTINGS“ followed by „Time and Date“.

Does the infotainment system have a hard drive which I can use to store media, e. g. my music?

A hard drive to store media is not available. For quick access to your favourite songs simply save them as favourites.

How can I switch off the infotainment system?

Press and hold the volume knob to switch off the infotainment system. A clock will be shown on the screen. Hint: you can switch off the screen only by selecting „SETTINGS“ and then „Display“.

How can I enter vowel mutations or additional characters with the touchscreen keypad, e. g. an „Ü“ for a route guidance destination?

Press and hold a letter on the touch screen keyboard until an additional screen appears from which vowel mutations and additional characters can be selected. Press and hold e.g. the letter „U“ in order select a „Ü“. Hint: When entering a route guidance destination vowel mutations do not have to be used.

How can I unlock the infotainment system without the unlock code?

In the case of a locked infotainment system and loss of the unlock code the system can be unlocked at your local Opel partner.