The great town & country estate car.

When does practicality become stylish? Take a good look at the Opel Insignia Country Tourer and you’ll know the answer. The cross-over takes the elegance of the Sports Tourer, adds chunky protective paneling and delivers a whole new way to go. Lifestyle-fit for town or country, capacious, luxurious, technically and technologically out in front, the Country Tourer competes way above its price class.


Go where you want when you feel like it. You can relax and enjoy breaking new ground in the comfort of the Opel Insignia Country Tourer. Among the outstanding features are:

  • Cutting edge design
  • Superior comfort
  • Comprehensive driver assistance
  • Powerful engines and superior all-wheel-drive
  • Outstanding active and passive safety


Adventurous, distinguished and refined

Clear lines, generous increased chassis height front and rear under body protection and chunky anthracite cladding to protect the sills and wheel arches tell a story of strength and character. The Opel Insignia Country Tourer is definitely not for wimps.


Comfort that works with you

Sweeping curves and high quality tactility matched by ergonomics that place everything ready to hand or eye. Welcome to the inside of the Insignia Country Tourer where organization, storage and space work with you.


Strong, secure and sure-footed

Control is vital, whenever and wherever an emergency arises the Insignia Country Tourer can be ready to carry you through it. Discover technology that protects, increases comfort and boosts dynamism.


Redefining mobility and dynamics

Dynamically the Insignia Country Tourer challenges way above its class. Exceptional handling and powerful engines combine to an impressive driving experience.


Safer, surer and even more secure

Heavy weather with fog, rain or snow is a fact of life. That’s why the Insignia Country Tourer combines active and passive safety systems with reassuring driver assist systems and excellent road behavior.


Information made for you

Advanced technology that works with and for you, clearly displayed, easy to access and use, the Opel Insignia Country Tourer features a perfect Human Machine Interface (HMI) that gives you detailed information and intuitive control.