Would you like to drive an environmentally friendly and fuel efficient car without sacrificing your driving pleasure? We work every day to keep the environmental impact of your vehicle as small as possible while providing the performance, flexibility and convenience that you expect from Opel. We are not only continuously improving conventional engines, we are also working on a full range of new, cleaner and more fuel-efficient technologies – including pure electric propulsion and various hybrid concepts.

Conventional propulsion systems

We strive to improve CO2-emissions and fuel consumption without restricting driving performance. This is the principle behind the Opel ecoFLEX technologies. They consist of a lot of small and clever changes that add up to a big increase in overall efficiency. It means reducing emissions – e.g. with BlueInjection or LNT technology on diesel engines – and improving efficiency with new concepts. Car buyers welcome the opportunity to drive both economically and ecologically: a continuously increasing amount of Opel models sold carry the ecoFLEX badge.




New propulsion systems

A responsible strategy for protecting resources demands the development of new propulsion technologies. Our pioneering work in this field is already bearing fruit.
The Ampera – the first extended range electric vehicle for everyday use – was launched in 2011. Additional electric vehicles are on the drawing board. Small battery-operated cars which are ideal for shorter distances, hybrid cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like the HydroGen4 are already being developed.


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