• Recharge everywhere: Electric Opel models can connect to most charging stations
  • Attractive: All charging options from €720 (incl. VAT in Germany) with new car
  • Private infrastructure: Government support for home wallbox, installed by experts
  • Electrifying “groove”: New Mokka-e video shows simplicity of charging


Rüsselsheim.  Europe has a variety of electricity grids, plugs and charging options, but electric mobility can still be easy. The electrified models from Opel, with their range of up to 337 kilometres in the WLTP cycle (such as the bestselling Corsa-e) demonstrate everyday practicality. The same goes for the charger options from Opel, above all for the Universal Charger, the Swiss army knife among chargers that supplies the appropriate electric “groove”, as the YouTube video shows. The Universal Charger is not only available for the battery electric Opel Mokka-e, Corsa-e, Zafira-e Life or Vivaro-e, but also the Grandland X plug-in hybrid.

Fully prepared: Opel models make recharging easy

It does not matter what Opel model customers drive, if they have to “refill” the battery on a longer journey they have the choice. If it needs to go quickly, the 50 kWh battery of the Corsa-e, for example, can be charged to 80 per cent of capacity in 30 minutes at a 100 kW DC charging station. Wallbox, high-speed charging or cable for the domestic plug socket, every electrified Opel model is ready for all charging options, from single-phase to three-phase AC at 11 kW.

Universal charger: Recharging without borders

The Universal Charger unites the functions of “Mode 2” and “Mode 3” cables with various adapters in a single device. Customers can connect the charger to nearly all country specific household plug sockets. The latter works with the type 2 plug. Customers need a 400V AC socket in order to charge at home with up to 11 kW. The required CEE-16 plug, together with the aforementioned adapter, is part of the Universal Charger pack, along with a practical case for storing cables and plugs in the boot.

The Universal Charger is therefore ideal for customers who normally charge their car overnight at home and for those who occasionally make longer journeys and need to recharge while travelling. The Universal Charger with its three different connections and the case is available with every new-car order, for prices starting at €720 (RRP incl. VAT in Germany).

In Germany, customers who want to install their own private recharging infrastructure at home can obtain financial support from the German government. Opel’s cooperation partner in Germany, inno2grid, then takes care of the installation and putting the wallbox into operation on-site.