Recycling for our environment.

Because the environment is so important to us, we're increasing the efficiency of our recycling process by designing products from the start to be recyclable.

Opel's design for recycling strategy is a key element in our product responsibility. And aims to decrease the waste produced during vehicle production as well as at the end the vehicle's life. Opel's design for recycling is part of our commitment to the environment and the preservation of precious material and energy resources.


Makes recycling it so much easier.

In terms of product development Opel's recycling strategy is based on two cornerstones:

Recycling-oriented design
Development and implementation of material cycles for vehicle production.

To ensure that all GM products meet our recycling aims, all GM design teams must follow the 'Recyclability/Recoverability' guidelines. These guidelines have been created to support both GM engineers and suppliers in their development of recyclable vehicles. This process also helps engineers to assess the ease at which parts, components etc. can be recycled at the end of the vehicle's life.

Opel has a long tradition of using recycled materials, also known as recyclates. More than 130 plastic recyclate types have been specified and approved for use in production.

In comparison to new resources, recyclates must fulfil all the same technical specifications and be produced at a lower cost. Where these two criteria are met, recycled materials are preferred, but quality is never compromised. Our recycling team takes every effort to maintain high quality look and feel, mechanical and thermal durability, along with performance standards.

In fact because of our recycled materials are of such a high standard and quality, they can now be used for visible parts as well as hidden parts of Opel cars.