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No wonder the Astra and the Insignia both got the top ratings in the Euro NCAP safety test. Our vehicles carry a comprehensive array of passive safety features to ensure optimal protection in case of an accident. Active safety equipment aims to prevent accidents by warning the driver of potential hazards and helping maintain stability.

Opel Innovation - AFL+

Adaptive Forward Lighting for safer night vision

Imagine headlights which change their pattern and intensity to suit your location, the weather, and your speed. Opel’s advanced Adaptive Forward Lighting system (AFL+) makes night driving safer and more relaxed by improving visibility in curves. This industry leading forward lighting system automatically selects from nine different light functions each designed to provide optimum illumination in each driving situation without dazzling other drivers. The result: less stress, more safety.


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Opel Innovation - Opel Eye

Opel Eye reads the road

The innovative Opel Eye improves driving safety, reduces stress and can even prevent costly speeding tickets. Located between the windshield and the rear-view mirror, the Opel Eye front camera helps you in four different ways: Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert and Following Distance Indication.


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Side Blind Spot Alert

SBSA uses sensors to monitor parts of the road you can’t see and flashes a warning on the relevant wing mirror if a vehicle enters one of your blind spots. If you indicate that you are about to change lanes towards the vehicle, SBSA warns you with an acoustic signal.


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Cruise Control with speed limiter

Speeding tickets can be an unpleasant surprise. Cruise Control with a speed limiting function helps avoid them. You can set any maximum speed over 25 km/h and stay confidently under the speed limit, even after braking or slowing down. When you want to travel faster just use the kickdown function.


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Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

A radar sensor maintains your cruise speed and the chosen gap to the car in front using throttle and brakes. The following distance to the preceding vehicle can be adjusted via steering wheel control.


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Advanced Park Assistant makes parking easy

Using front and rear sensors the Advanced Park Assistant can detect a suitable parking space and then using visual instructions displayed on the central display guides you into it. Push-button activated, it is computer controlled and also senses obstacles. Both written and visual graphics indicate the steering angles and direction. The result is perfect parallel parking, even in confined spaces.


Rear View Camera (RVC)

Wide-angle rear view vision, automatically activated by selecting reverse gear, takes the neck strain out of reversing. The view is displayed with the rear bumper as a positioning guide on the color display. This enables you to judge exactly where you are while you see any potential obstacles or dangers where you’re going.


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SAFETEC® - All-round security

Opel has an integral approach to safety. All active and passive safety systems that contribute to reducing dangers when driving are categorized under one heading: “SAFETEC®”. The result is coherent and effective protection for all on board.


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